Ocean Schedule is India’s first time table for ships coming in and going out of Indian ports. It lists vessels with voyage nos, ETA/ETD at arriving and destination port and gives facility to book shipping consignment in 2 minutes. There are lot of documentation that is handled / facilitated by Truck Dial’s on ground team. With above book now form, creation of enquiry is facilitated.Other USP of using our platform is, you can now book road transport, water transport, value added services in an integrated platform. You can this advantage of integrated end to to end service. You just need to create enquiry either through Ocean Schedule search or from BOOK NOW. …

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Logistic Service


Gather Quotes is a unique service where for a small fee, we help you get any number of quotes for your import / export of consignment from all modes & intermediaries: (a) Road Freight (b) Container stuffing (c) Leasing (d) Customs broker (e.) Ocean freight from shipping companies (f) Air freight (g) Insurance & documentation.Companies have their in-house departments to gather quotes, long term quotes / tenders and we thus offer a second opinion – unbiased and independent to your in-house judgement. Companies can take their independent calls and our advice is restricted to logistical arrangement advice with view to have independent…

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Truck Dial’s Ocean Schedule has arrangement with many intermediaries and shipping companies’ world over and also has its own Freight Forwarding fledging business which takes complete ownership of your cargo. Truck Dial is a listing platform having more than 68000 service providers in transportation – from errands / concierge, movers & packers, packaging, warehousing, booking agent / broker transporters, fleet owners, container leasing companies, container stuffing & consolidators, shippers and customs house broker from various parts of India and world having listed on to its platform. We organizes shipment from manufacturer / producer to a market,…

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