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Service Description :

Agricultural produce can be Cereals and Pulses, Seeds , Spices , Fruits , Vegetables, Dry Fruits & Nuts, Edible Oils, Essential Oil, Flowers, Fertilizers, Beverages & Juices, Fodder, Dairy Products, Aromatic Plants, Herbal Products, Coconut and Coir Products, Meat & Poultry Food, Processed Foods & Snacks, Pickles and Condiments, Marine Food Supplies, Other Miscellaneous Agro Products.

Produce is described in above categories. If you open KrishiTrade mobile app or website, and click on “TRADE” you are asked to select category. You can select one of these category. It then ask for name of the produce as drop down from above category as included. You then can select “Quality” of produce you intend to “Buy”, weight and that’s it. These are 3 basic questions. Other 3 questions are email & mobile, and location as optional to help you get bids from suppliers from and around your preferred location.

“Selling” agricultural produce can be so easy. This is ideal for farmers, local village agent, traders, wholesellers, who can create “SELL” enquiry by answering above 6 questions, and this “SELL” enquiry gets displayed to relevant buyers in India and abroad, who can bid depending on feasibility of buying. These bids are sorted, filtered, by Krishi Trade’s intelligent algorithim as per buyers verification, certification, rating received, etc and only 3 best quotes which are verified, credible are forwarded to seller. Seller can choose one, pay advance (if he has Truck Dial Loyalty card, and/or is Privilege Subscriber of KrishiTrade, he may not have to pay any advance to confirm the trade). Seller thus can pay, place order. The order is intimated once again to buyer, who then confirms by paying 5.6% of transaction value in escrow (again, if buyer is privilege subscriber, then he may not be required to pay such token and directly confirm the order), once the order is confirmed, he can key in logistics details. Both Buyer or Supplier has option to Book Truck on Truck Dial platform, depending on who pays for logistics as per quotation. Both can exchange communication, key in shipment details, there is facility to pay some at actuals amount, if required, can track the shipment – all in simple mobile app and website.

Krishi Trade thus is end to end platform for trading / buying-selling of agricultural goods in India and abroad, depending on policies of the company.

Krishi Trade is ideal platform to discover prices, reduce layers in supply chain, offers end to end ordering, escrow, discounting, transport, packaging, warehousing solution on simple yet comprehensive platform.

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krishi trade services - Buy Produce

krishi trade services - Buy Produce