(1) Preferred market linkages across all major Indian cities and overseas. (2) Access to pooled processing facilities (flour / polishing mills), branding under Hymn Naturals brand, packaging, logistics, warehouse, cold storage, etc. (3) Tradeable warehouse receipts & blockchain (in future) (4) e-Trading & virtual bidding & auction platform (5) Assured payment & higher prices without intermediaries by directly selling to buyers (6) Credit facilities such as lease of tractors, best of farm implements, inputs, etc.…

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Logistic Service


You need to have (1) collection centre with sorting, grading, packaging, loading facilities & manpower (2) One full time executive who can list truck owners and manage collections for fixed schedule daily transport service (3) Crates (4) Smartphone, internet, computer, printer will help (5) Another full time executive to create "SELL LATER" enquiries and handling Loyalty Card (6) Display banner & other basic promotion for awareness in area. This facility can sport supported by "Maharashtra Government" and will be supervised by Truck Dial.…

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(1) Dividends received from Krishi Trade FPO of which you can be shareholder if you want (2) Commission on sorting, grading, packaging, transport, other services such as sale / rental of farm inputs & implements (3) You can aggregate and charge fixed rate and earn margins to distribute to your members. (4) Margins from sale of branded / processed products. There is no investment required by you. Platform does not involve into trading or inventory. You gain most from pooled efforts. Join us today! …

sms: LD F   to   +91-902 902 6000