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Something about us from a little bit of different perspective


To become leading private International Agricultural Marketplace empowering all stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem to become more efficient and profitable.


  • To be integrated with eNAM as a private market connecting last mile framer / trader on simpler mobile platform.
  • To offer integrated supply chain, processing, marketing services connecting domestic as well as international buyer/seller/market.
  • To offer farmers / traders on Krishi Trade an opportunity to trade all India as common market until eNAMis implemented across all states in say 5-10 years.

Key Highlights:

  • Private marketplace to trade agricultural produce on simpler platform
  • Offers trader an opportunity to trade across eNAM, non eNAM aligned APMC’s as well as other private national and international agri marketplaces including commodity exchanges.
  • Integrated with packaging, transport, warehouse, processing & marketing
  • Offers stability in prices of produce to farmer, unlike share price fluctuations
  • Allows farmer / trader to explore export-import opportunities
  • Offers trades in all economical weights & qualities / varieties.
  • Offers all categories for agri trade
  • Offers technology for on spot assaying, sample testing, real time tracking and e-commerce platform for agri consumables, hire-purchase of farm equipments& accessories required by farmers.

How We Do:

We have simple enquiries & quotations platform. A farmer or trader who is looking to sell agricultural produce can create such enquiry in 15 seconds. This enquiry then becomes visible to relevant traders / buyers who can submit bids / quotations. These quotes are filtered by intelligent software algorithm and 3 best quotes are forwarded to farmer / trader who generated that enquiry. He can select one and confirm his transaction by paying small advance. This advance is held by Krishi Trade escrow account and is 100% refundable is transaction does not materializes. The advance can be waived off or discounted as per internal rating. The trader / buyer whose quotation got selected is intimated and he is required to pay advance which again is held in escrow. Once the transaction is confirmed by both parties, Krishi Trade facilitates movement of goods (and optionally also grading, sorting, packaging, warehousing, discounting) through its group company Truck Dial and after the trade is concluded, the escrow amount is settled and transaction is completed.

In reverse bidding, the trader / buyer also has option to create “buy” enquiry on Krishi Trade platform and receive quotes from other traders / farmers who are interested to “sell”. The buyer then follows same process as above, has an option to deposit advance in escrow, select seller, and complete the transaction.

Supply Chain Services:

The single most important worry of farmer is to get good price for his produce. That is marketing of his produce which includes efficient economical supply chain. Krishi Trade is agri marketplace its various traders, wholesellers, large buyers, including individuals or companies in grading-sorting, packaging, warehousing, assaying, discounting, transportation, makes it easier for everyone to come together for each and every such buy-sell order and offer integrated transparent service.

Platform evolution:

Krishi Trade platform has comprehensive functionality. It offers visa enabled Loyalty Card with facility to top-up / redeem / withdraw loyalty points or commissions or receipts. It has document management system, promotions code, accepts all payments including cash, cheque, cards, through multiple gateways and has real time tracking, alerts and other good features. Krishi Trade stands committed to refine / improve the platform so as to make it simpler and easy to use as per cash flow / transactions continual feedback.

placeholder SACHIN NIKUMBH


LinkedIn Profile : Sachin is engineer & MBA, IIM-B alumnus with 16 years professional work experience in Motorola, GoAir, Tata Motors, Tata Communications including 2 years full time parallel entrepreneur weaving and implementing strategic cluster of standalone but interrelated profitable initiatives all 75% owned by Krishi Trade.

placeholder MUKESH GANDHI


Mukesh after his engineering had secured admission abroad for MBA but had to return and join his father’s agricultural trading business, which he has expanded overseas. He is renowned trader and exporter focused on onions and brings his passion, business acumen as “Buy Head” along with overall operations.


Krishi Trade Farmer Producer Company Limited

This initiative is held 75% by Krishi Trade. Objective of this strategic business unit is to reach out to farmers, share profits among farmers and offer collective interlinked technology driven superior market linkages infrastructure. Shri Nanasaheb as co-founder & Chairman of this initiative, having 35+ years of experience in agriculture brings dynamic passion and vision to enroll 2 Cr farmer indirectly through network of FPO.

placeholder KISHOR KUDAL

Truck Dial

This initiative is 75% held by Krishi Trade. Transport is strategic and enables control on supply assurance and business confidentiality, on-boards suppliers. Innovative “per crate”, part truck load freight on fixed schedule fixed routes (like Red Bus) are highly popular in pilots and planned for scaling. Kishor as CEO & Co-Founder of this agri-logistics platform, (Truck Dial - Uber on bidding for intercity agri transport) brings FPO and APMC connect logistically.

placeholder DILIP PANDA


Dilip has 12 experience with Exide Industries / Batteries having developed and handled distributors and channel partners in East India. He is very passionate for RSDAS (Road Safety Driver’s Accreditation System) – a behavioural training for truck drivers, promoted by Truck Dial and has conducted RSDAS events and trained hundreds of drivers. He handles operations in East India from Bhubaneshwar office.

placeholder AMOL DEO


Amol specializes in IT Infrastructure management, HR and overall administration. He is meticulous, systematic with 24x7x365 energy & drive. He is currently managing overall IT & SCADA system for Bharat Petroleum truck terminal at Manmad where daily 500 to 1000 trucks are loaded with fuel for transport to fuel pumps in interior India. Amol is highly networked with strong values.

placeholder ANKUSH SHELAR

Krishi Trade Corrugated Box Manufacturing & Packaging Co

This box factory is held 50% by Krishi Trade and offers in-house quality packaging as well as access to other agricultural buyers requiring various corrugated packaging. Bundling with supplies, on-boarding on platform, selling of packaging material online through app & cart with credit financing facilities makes it strategic. The factory also acts as packing house and re-distribution / un-loading point in Mumbai. Ankush as CEO & Co-Founder bring with him deep understanding of agri packaging.


Ocean Schedule

This strategic initiative is held 75% by Krishi Trade and offers access to overseas agri buyers requiring shipping. Exporters who avail pre-shipment trade finance need to compulsorily avail transport & shipping from Truck Dial / Ocean Schedule because the goods need to be in possession of Krishi Trade as collateral. Recently, we also started sending goods where consignee is Krishi Trade International and Notify Party is importer and payment is collected by spot payment at port of discharge. Ocean Schedule was conceived as time table for shipping / vessels in-out from Indian ports with booking facility but current work-load is heavy with skeletal team and managed by CEO & Co-Founder - Faizal - who is from Kerala, lived in Dubai and Gulf countries for 18 years into shipping.



This initiative is held 75% by Krishi Trade and led by Anupama; a TISS graduate and CEO & Co-Founder of SubjiMart (Big Basket for fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, processed foods & agri products home-delivered by all women team) SubjiMart does not stock SKU’s / products from any big company or brand and sources & promotes pure authentic recipes & products made ONLY by rural / women self help groups / farmer families and its Hymn Naturals brand is very popular. Private label packaged foods like Strong stone ground superior quality organic whole wheat flour, pulses, breakfast cereals, nuts etc manufactured by farmers families / SHG but marketed by SubjiMart are growing categories, as also home delivery to HoReCa segments.

placeholder Vacant

Krishi Aadhaar

We are looking for Co-founder & CEO for KrishiAadhaar - which is marketing, analytics, big data platform and softly on-boards farmers into Krishi Trade. The objective is to offer simple analytics driven statistical production & pricing “forecast” & guidance to farmers which is not available anywhere in the world. Krishi Trade will hold 50% to 75% in this ready platform and offers shared resources, IPR, network access, but with no active role in managing this initiative which can be independently led by the co-founder.

placeholder Sandeep Shinde

Krishi Trade Finance

Sandeep helps Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO’s), Exporters, Aggregators avail pre-shipment trade finance for agriculture. Krishi Trade Finance is supported by PayTM and offers 75% to 100% of PO value (raised by importer) with / without LC, for exports of agriculture & food stuff (except rice). We also offer invoice discounting for domestic buyers. There is no requirement of any collateral or any security. It is complete online / app based platform on bidding with integrated transport, value added services. Quality is inspected by TQ Cert (100% subsidiary of Tata Projects Ltd).

placeholder BIVAKAR SEN

Head of Franchise

Franchisee are preferred service providers who may be FPO, farm inputs & implements dealers, distributors, agents, aggregators having expertise in any areas such as sorting, grading, packaging, transport, warehouse, cold storage, or having infrastructure / assets such as trucks / storage facilities / working capital etc. There is no exclusivity, no fees, no minimum commitment but business is done under common single umbrella brand - Krishi Trade. Bivakar ji, as Head of Business Development & Franchisee, brings with him 40 years of rich experience from shipping industry.